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Kids Room : Just because your kids come first doesn’t mean your fitness has to come last. That’s why we offer Kids Room – a place where your kids can hang out while you achieve your fitness goals. Kids Room is a fun place for children ages 6 months to 12 years. It’s a safe and supervised environment where your young ones can play while you exercise.Once inside the Kids Room, your children will enjoy our exciting, fun-filled play area. Highlights include games, toys, which are provided by ELC, seasonal activities, coloring and the chance to play with new friends. Our Kids Room attendants will closely supervise your children at all times. All of our specially trained attendants must pass a background check before they’re hired. Our staff can easily page you in the club if needed. Meanwhile, you’ll get the exercise you need – and some well-deserved “me” time. We’ll focus on the kids while you focus on working out.Our Kids Room is designed to entertain the kids while you take some time to take care of yourself and get in your workout. Our caring staff will make sure the kids have a good time, play some games, and even do some crafts.
The Kids Club is open seven days a week for your convenience as well.

Kids Pool : Splashing – it must mean a great day in the water. Playing in a pool can be a real treat on a hot day.
We offer one paddling swimming pool where kids can enjoy the water equipped with water slide so kids will have fun and get more excitement to their swimming pool adventure.
Swimming is a lot of fun, but drowning is a real danger. Even kids who know how to swim can drown so, we provide well-trained and experienced life guards to supervise our little buddies to stay safe in the water.

Kids Playground : The playground area is shaded and well padded, and is mainly for the younger kids. But there is also a flying fox with safe surface. The Playground is gated and guarded. Birthday parties can be held here. Only kids are charged entrance fees, parents/nannies enter free. There is a membership scheme which saves you money if you visit very regularly.